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Amadora Gift of Love Bed Sheet Fundraiser Is Easy Money For Schools

New luxury quality, high profit bed sheet fundraiser makes it easy for schools to earn thousands of dollars to purchase equipment and fund programs while rewarding student sellers


(MORGANFIELD, KY) – Budgetary constraints have schools scrambling for much-needed monies to fund education programs and purchase equipment, but most school fundraising companies fall short when it comes to efficiency and profit margin. Amadora Gift of Love is pioneering a new idea for schools to earn more money from student-driven sales with luxury quality, high profit bed sheets and an easy-for-everyone sales program.


“Luxury quality bed sheets are the perfect school fundraiser product. Everyone uses bed sheets, and most jump at the opportunity to get premium bed sheets at a low price. The product sells itself,” said Amadora Gift of Love Director of Marketing Evalds Jurans. “Traditional fundraisers like cookie dough, wrapping paper, and candy bars have such low profit margins that students have to work far too hard just to earn a few dollars for their schools. But Amadora Gift of Love maximizes returns while minimizing investment.”


Amadora Gift of Love bed sheets are made of silky microfiber and retail at competitive prices ranging from $40 to $45 per set . Schools earn $16 to $22 per sale, plus volume rewards. To match those figures, a student would have to sell about 32 candy bars. The average participant sells five sets of bed sheets, so a school with 150 participants will net $12,000 to $15,000 in earnings per campaign – and can earn more through incentives such as a referral program and free shipping.


The program is designed for ease-of-use for school administrators, Parent Teacher Organizations, fundraising organizations and students. Amadora Gift of Love provides complete marketing support including motivational videos, product samples, a simple sales process and a dedicated group manager. There are no upfront fees, and all sales are backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee.


“Other companies expect schools to act like retailers and handle everything themselves. Amadora Gift of Love recognizes that education supporters aren't trying to run a business. They're simply trying to get help for schools by raising money that will ultimately benefit their children,” said Jurans. “We work with schools so they can spend less time making money and more time deciding how to spend it. Our program is a perfect hybrid of high profit margins and ease of sales because students can easily sell premium school fundraiser products, at great prices, that people actually want.”


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Amadora Gift of Love is a family owned, professional fundraising company specializing in helping schools, bands, churches and non-profit organizations achieve their fundraising goals through innovative, high-profit margin programs, luxury quality microfiber bed sheets and the best support in the industry. For more information visit


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